Erotic Market

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“Erotic Market’s music is brilliantly playful; a strange, constantly undulating mix of Arular-era MIA, cheap drum beats and an eyebrow-raising take on modern feminism.” – the guardian

Grasping Erotic Market music is like that strange, penetrating dream of unknown music which is, each time, neither quite the same one nor a different one. It’s like saying again that beauty is always strange and is the magnificent essence of genuineness. It’s the odd, elusive feeling of remembering those tunes without knowing them at all, recognizing the vigorous rock garage music, the bright triturations of electro, the groove of hip hop… A magic mix free from taboos and stereotypes, where the carnal essence of a voice competes with the rough attitudes of drums and keyboards and where sweetness collides with a terrifying bass.

In here, no borrowing from anything or anyone. The great strength of Erotic Market lies with fostering a true, free, exuberant personality of its own.

Debut album Blahblahrians, release GAS: Fall 2015

Erotic Market is a go fast. A racing car that designs its own routes, spinning past illogical scenery, between sensual, suggestive eroticism and a clear-cut, flashy market. A space where we can feel in turn fully within and without this world. An allegory of contemporary life that often tosses us from the one to the other end.

A few Blahblahrians, symbolic figures – a contraction from Blah Blah, Warriors and Barbarians – are embarked on this road trip. As unconventional speech snipers, they shatter the codes, bite the hand that feeds them, criticize without being moralists, because they are fully conscious of belonging to what they censure. They should not be mistaken for rebels and insubordinate dodgers who create their personality intrinsically in opposition to something else.

The Blahblahrians are both inside and outside the picture, giving their own definition of themselves, without refusing a « system » as a whole, but ready to adapt its rules. They do not change their minds with the weather. They simply accept the accident : that time slot when the purpose meets with unforeseen circumstances to generate a beautiful, wild event that looks frozen as it only lasts a few seconds and that nobody can predict what it will result in. Altogether, they are music smugglers striding through the borders of genres to deliver their own dope after many likely collisions.


“It’s as impressive lyrically as it is sonically, a late night anti-fashion, beauty myth-busting call to arms.” – NME

“Rarely does electro music make you dance and feel indignant at the same time.” – Q Magazine

“Blahblahrians is just one example of Erotic Market’s ability to defy-genre classification, carving themselves
a path away from the crowd.” -Wonderland

  • Label: Jarring Effects
  • Based in: Erotic City, France
  • Band/Crew:  5 on stage/ 5-6 travelling
  • Territory: WORLDWIDE
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