Mark Gonzales

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Mark Gonzales is a radical poet best known for his appearance on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam.

The silk cover on the book of poetry is: A Master’s in Education, HBO Def Poetry, poetry tours though Beirut, Amman, Cuba, Doha, Dubai, LA, NY. the building with elders and youth, members of U.S. Congress & the U.N.

The paper the poetics are written on is: soundscript- carved from the poetry of a campesino i call father, who survived the fields of the 1940’s and the pesticides that claimed two tias lives.

The color of the print: comes from my mother’s suicide 1989, and learning how to walk with elders in non-physical form.

The poetry itself: a reminder that despite institutional violence and tragedy, the resilience of a people endures.

  • Label: *MGis
  • Based in: Los Angeles, USA
  • Performer/Crew: 1-2 on stage/2-3 traveling
  • Territory: WORLDWIDE
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